We’re looking for writing that captures the spirit of “Pagsulat sa mga bulaklak,” which means “Writing on flowers.” Flowers are gentle yet vibrant, ephemeral yet resilient, and convey certain emotions and messages depending on the species. 

We want the soft and untouched, the broken and crumbling. We want voices to share their pain, so we may heal together. We want your coded words, your cries for attention, your grasping, your triumph. We want tender love stories and wrenching heartbreak; we want to be moved to tears. 

Open for submissions

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Please be sure to read ALL submission information, including Genre Guidelines and FAQs, before submitting your work to us. These sections address important legal and safety concerns. Failure to adhere to the requirements as outlined in these sections may result in an automatic disqualification of your work.

Submissions are open to folks/x of all backgrounds. By submitting, you attest that all work is original and unpublished. 

We accept pieces written in non-English languages. If the piece contains a substantial amount written in non-English language(s), please provide the English translation in the footnotes or as a supplementary attachment, for reader accessibility.

If there is sensitive material in your submissions, please be considerate of our readers and include appropriate content warnings. 

Hate speech and other harmful obscene language will not be tolerated. Contributors who submit hateful messaging will not receive any response.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere as soon as possible.

We limit our correspondences during the reading period, to give full attention to submissions. Please allow 6-8 weeks for a response, and we thank you for your patience. 

Accepted work will be published in our magazine issue and/or online on this website. As Marías at Sampaguitas is a free-to-submit and free-to-access magazine, we are unable to pay contributors at this time.

You may submit once per genre during a given issue cycle. Please see the Genre and/or Features Guidelines for specific submission rules per genre, and the Submission FAQs for more information on the kind of work we publish.